Gourmet Xmas Hampers

Giving a Christmas Hamper a Little More Character

The festive season is just around the corner and with the average person expected to buy for no fewer than 10 individual people, it can be quite challenging to pick a gift that is as personal as it is appreciative. Christmas hampers are a great way to show someone just how much you care; without running the risk of giving a present that might not be to the recipient’s liking.

Even with the range of components that can go into a gift basket, it can sometimes feel a little characterless and that’s where adding a little more personality can come in handy. If you are planning on ordering a hamper or two online this festive period, below you will find a few particularly effective tips to help you to add a little more character to your present.

Consider your recipient’s favourites

It’s easy to select a pre-made basket and hope that your loved one appreciated the gesture, but where’s the fun in that? If you know a little about the person that will be enjoying the goodies in their hamper, then why not take a little extra time to customise what’s inside? If you know of a specific chocolate that they love, or if you have an idea of the types of snacks that they enjoy; why not have these added instead?

It’s easy enough to do, in fact most online hamper makers will present options to pick and choose the individual items that can be packed – so choose to your heart’s content!

Don’t forget the festivities

Gift basket services are available all year round and as a result, you will always find standard hampers to choose from. The festive season is much different to other times of the year and it’s a good idea to pick a basket that reflects the atmosphere. When deciding, why not consider a stylish red basket that emanates the Christmas-mood? Or you could opt for a white version that resembles snow.

You could even go for a green one, or a combination basket that includes a touch of all colours and styles associated with this time of year.

Add a personal message

The best Christmas hamper makers offer personalised gift tags as standard and these can act as greeting cards or personal messages in equal measure. When it comes to checking out, just pick a style of card that you like and then add the message that you’d like printed (or written, depending on your chosen service). Your recipient will adore the extra attention to detail that you’ve given their present, and you will be able to rest assured that they will have a huge smile on their face.

These are just a few ways to add a little more character to your gift. By searching for a hamper maker online, you’ll get to learn a little bit more about the types of services that they offer, and then it’s a simple case of picking the one that suits you the most. The biggest benefit of all is that your chosen service will take care of the packing and delivery on your behalf; making it even easier for you to pick and choose what you’d like included, and then have it sent straight to your loved one!